The Dreaming Doors opening soon…

#DreamingDoors now at 80% of the creative journey 

I am happy to share the above sneak peek at my next photographic and poetic journey book The Dreaming Doors (Twitter: #DreamingDoors) coming out this year!


“We feel protected by closing and locking the door. An open door remains an invitation. what we truly close outside is only our fear”  ~ @LehtmanMaria

This is my second book after The Dew Drops, Hiljainen Hetki from several years ago. My initial plan was to release The Dreaming Doors three years ago…time flies!  Instead, life took me on a leadership project abroad for a few years at my daytime job. The experience brought me enough ideas for a third book :).

The Dreaming Doors will be a hardcover & eBook with ca. 40 pages of beautiful, colored photographic work with poems. The images have been down selected from thousands of photographs in my archives.

Digital living is only worthwhile when you can share inspiration. I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you!

The Dreaming Doors is a special edition introducing a featured artist from Ireland: Caroline Cunningham. Caroline’s paintings have strength and vision that speak beyond words. She is a multitalented artist, writer, and Authentic Reflexology Therapist.

I am very happy to have her join the project! You will find her on Twitter @artofsinging.

A peek into Caroline’s contribution:

“Closer came the glimmering intrigue. Quietly her curious shuffling ensued. Crossing, she was crossing, the threshold of a reassembled frame.”

~ Caroline Cunningham @artofsinging 


More about Caroline’s wonderful art from the following sites:

Best Regards,

Maria @LehtmanMaria

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