The Digital Teacup: 101 Posts Old!

“The goal in writing is to write with passion – but write! Write! Write!” ~ Maria Lehtman

When I started this blog site two years ago, I had no other specific goal in mind than to keep on writing and sharing images as per the request of my peers and friends. I had no idea if I could keep up the site, or for how long I would have the time and energy for it given that my health condition. My day job requires me to keep up with social media requirements, so having my own blog gives one way of achieving that goal.

If you are thinking about blogging: stop thinking! Just write – it’s the only way I have found to be effective so far. Look for inspiration and guidance from e.g., Jon Morrow and other inspiring bloggers. Jon Morrow has a very direct, emotional way of blogging that helped me to get started. The course was expensive what comes to online courses, but the material was thorough and came with lifetime access. It gave me the direction I needed at the time. GuestBlogger It may not be the journalist’s approach to writing, but you can always start with one and keep adapting it until you find your genre. You will typically need several approaches and writing styles depending on the audience and medium.

Digital tools and rules are constantly changing. LinkedIn today is not the same as yesterday – and tomorrow it may have changed. The audience of each business networking tool is gradually changing, the focus is shared between a growing number of platforms, and there are no limits to inventiveness in each platform. Well, other than the community rules, that today a vague, to say the least – and changing as well.

The only message that I have for the digital providers and developers out there is:

“Keep the Social in Media!”

I know business needs to bring in cash, but there are many influential people out there doing networking in order to identify potential business channels and creative partners, co-innovation ideas, collaboration, etc. Advertising works, but it should not be the ultimate goal – positive customer digital experience (PCXD) is what everyone should be looking for. The autobots and customer service today seem to be getting further and further away from the end-users and their expectations.

As long as I do not know if I will be for one reason or another, locked out of a social media tool out of a whim of a provider – or a fellow user – (and yes, it happens, no matter how strictly you abide by the rules) – I will keep my own little digital corner of the world, even if it’s the size of a teacup! :).

I still have my own domain as well that I hope will one day have a better use….some day. When I bought my domain someone else reserved all the other versions imaginable of the very peculiar name that happens to be my own. My friend, who reserved the other domains: Don’t hold your breath. You might be waiting for a while – it doesn’t look like I’ll be turning to a millionaire any time soon…but never say never.

With my #101 post, I want to thank you, my wonderful followers, collaborators, readers and occasional digital hitchhikers journeying by. You are always welcome to visit! And even more welcome to stay!

My favorite tea btw. is ginger-lemon – not because of the taste, but the effect it has on keeping me healthy and chasing away infections.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” ~ Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

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