Dear Readers,

First of all, I am very happy that so many of you are enjoying the journey on my blog site! I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback I receive. Thank you!

Some questions have appeared repeatedly from various users, so to make responding to them easier, I have collected the top Frequently Asked Questions here. Hope you find them useful!

Q0: I am looking to set up my own blog site, how did you create yours and do I need coding experience?

A0: This site is on a fully managed WordPress platform and created on a readily available theme. WP offers a selection of themes for free and paid plans (the latter with wider collection). Starting up your own blog site does not require coding experience. You can select the template, modify it to an extent and then add your own content. It took me one weekend to set up the base level design with the customization and initial content. With a small monthly fee, you can define a personalized domain and remove ads.

You have the possibility to customize the layout by selecting columns, widgets, images, etc. In paid plans, you can also include plugins, SEO and other additional services. You can find the WP Plans here.

Aside from the font, 95% of the images on this site are my own photographs or graphic designs, including the written content. This is not a corporate site. The Digital Teacup is solely managed by the author to share inspiration and knowledge.

Q1: What hosting service are you using? 

A1: The site is running on a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, currently on a business plan. I do not perform any software changes, coding or any other design parameters on the service itself. I upload content: e.g. images, videos, banners, text, define layout based on e.g. readily created widgets. Media is at a low resolution to accommodate as fast upload as possible.

Q2: Your advertising is slowing down the article

A2: 90%+ users report back to me that the site is very quick. That’s also my experience when I access the site via my PC or mobile using different browsers. That was one of the reasons I chose WordPress. The second reason is that I can turn on or off the advertising in my plan. At the moment all advertising is turned off. So if you are seeing any, they are not natively coming from my blog site, and I cannot change platform or browser wide settings.

Q3: I have a problem loading the site or post via Internet Explorer, Edge

A3: If you have an issue, please let me know which post you have issues with, and which version of Edge you are using, and what device and I will be able to report your experience back to Wp helpdesk. Otherwise, I have not data to use for feedback. If you are still using the old version of actual Internet Explorer (discontinued service) there is a larger likelihood that you run into uploading issues on various sites. This site is on a fully managed WordPress platform, so I do not personally define any design parameters for it.

The Fix? 1. Clear out the cache+cookies of your Browser. That usually speeds up the performance. Look for help at http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/

Q4: Do you know any other sites that have similar content as yours?

A4: My content is self-created and runs under three main thematic: Digital Transformation, Life Inspired by Nature, and Personal Transformation with categories of long posts, short posts, and poetry/quotes. It is not the most common combination to find on a single end-user site, but if you follow Instagram or Twitter motivational and inspirational quotes and content you will usually find web sites of the users with similar content. You may want to have a look at the scribes at, e.g., https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/

Q5: I would like to transfer my site to WordPress, but can I do that with my current content?

A5: The best way to have support for your questions is via WordPress Support, but they offer a possibility to transfer your current website over (posts, pages, media). Have a look at http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-from-self-hosted-wordpress-to-wordpress-com/ I created my site from the beginning without transfers, so I do not have experience specifically with WP on that regard.

Q6: Why does not my comment show up on your site?

A6: All comments are set to wait for moderation and filtered automatically by WordPress. I go through the folders manually whenever I have the time (this is not a business for me, but a service and a shared inspirational site). When comments fulfill the criteria for SPAM they will automatically fall into the SPAM folder and be disregarded. That way the service provider ensures numerous bots cannot access and fill up the web sites. All email addresses will be removed before release for the same reason.

Q7: Where can I find a captcha plug-in?

A7: I am not using a captcha plug-in because it would also restrict users to follow the site by default. However, to my knowledge, there is an option to apply a captcha plug-in via WP if you are using some of the paid service plans. They are not currently available for free or low-cost options.

Q8: How did you design your site?

A8: WordPress offers a selection of layouts for the free plans and a wider collection of templates for higher-cost plans. I selected this one when I kicked off the site on a free plan from a ready template. It took me one weekend to create the media, images, banner designs, and widgets available for the template. Aside from the layout template the media, content, i.e., images, articles, blogs, poems and videos on this site are 90% from my own collection and designs. Look for more information about WordPress plans here