The Color Of Life Healing Through Digital Photography

LIFE INSPIRED BY NATURE Original article featured at @BIZCATALYST360 “Imagine a world without color, sound or feeling. Creativity is not limited to sense, yet, without it, our creativity remains partially or completely blocked. Digital innovation allows fine-arts to be reborn – for everyone.” ~ Maria Lehtman What if you lost one of your senses overnight? … Continue reading The Color Of Life Healing Through Digital Photography

Happy Easter! After cold and dark – hope arrives

Happy Easter to all of The Digital Teacup followers! It has been an eventful season, and the weather in Finland keeps giving us surprises each day. Today was beautiful and sunny. During the weekend we spotted some snowflakes again. But our bicycles are out and we're getting on the road again. (Well, of course, some of the brave Finns never stopped cycling - the tires just got a whole lot bigger!)