Mission Hope eBook is out!

How well do you understand creativity?

“Be not afraid of the door into the unknown. The love and light passed on await you.” – Maria Lehtman, The Beyond, The Dreaming Doors; on Mission Hope.

Our eBook is still on promotion at $1.99 😃 and we are trending on Amazon: 👉 Link to the book: amzn.to/3MnunNU

🤖 If you have dreamed about artistic creativity, use the age of AI & AGI in the right way. Let it fuel your creativity, your unique point of view, and value – and do not become a copycat. Amazon is trying to figure out how to deal with AI-facilitated books. I have seen several that are copies of someone else’s wisdom and words and others that are co-authored by AI and raise questions about their authenticity. Our book Mission Hope is nothing of the kind. I will use AI more in the future, but I have not yet decided on which role and form. So this story is all me! (And Char, my editor, who steps in here and there 🙂

✍ Our 18 authors went through immense transformational experiences, adversities, grief, illness, and losses and discovered the power of hope – even ‘hope beyond hope’ as Matthew Dickson said. So with a clear conscience, I can say that you will be amazed by these stories and lose nothing by purchasing the eBook at $1.99 (or ca €2.20). Once you read it – please let me know what you think – I really value your feedback as I am currently writing my next story. And if you have a few minutes, don’t hesitate to drop a few lines on Amazon.

👉 Link to the book: amzn.to/3MnunNU

Today I had a session discussing AI use cases for proofreading and content creation. Everyone I speak with is eager to get the tools but equally concerned about security. So when you jump into the AI bandwagon, please ensure you have a reliable partner providing the service. It is crucial. Your data is your data. It must be protected. Even privately, I use only services with a paywall (of course, knowing that the data is stored in the cloud.) I don’t use public AI for other than public texting and dialogues that are not confidential. We are looking at an interesting future when it comes to writing and being an author. Let’s see where this leads.

Have a lovely day, my LinkedIn and BIZCATALYST 360° Friends, and remember, critics do not define art. Imagine more. 😃

Kiitos Char (Charlotte) Murphy, Esq. & Dominick Domasky

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