“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Master Yoda

Yes, I’m a Sci-fi fan and SW fan, but I’ve also watched all the Trek movies and many series as well. What I love about the genre is that there is no limit to imagination.

In empowering people to write, I typically find three main types: the ones who jump to it head first, those who procrastinate because they want everything to be unique and perfect, and those who are too busy.

I’ve been all three of these types. The lesson is, if you don’t write, you will never be unique, have the time, or find the stories. When you do, you become quicker at it, you learn to express yourself so that more people “get it,” and you understand what really matters.

A coauthor recently asked me when did I start doing it. I had to think about what “it” was and realized the question was writing about self-transformation. I honestly had to think back. In a way, I had always written about it. What really changed my approach was when I experienced a major loss.

Why? Because everything else became scalable. It didn’t matter if I was perfect or if I always got it right. All that criticism fell away when I realized that time, this journey here, was limited. If I wanted to inspire others, the time was now.

Science Fiction is happening as we speak. And there are great tools out there to help you to become a writer. I believe it will happen the same way photography leaped when digital and mobile cameras emerged. Photography was no longer a niche skill. It became an opportunity for the masses.

You might wonder what’s the point of writing when this transformation happens. More books will be created daily than in all the libraries combined. The simple answer is that it’s about you. Your point of view, your experience, your audience, and your gift. Writing is a path of transformation.

If it’s carried out correctly, writing, filming, and documenting are a growth experience for the author and audience.

A growth mindset fuels creativity and loves challenges. Sometimes it needs to be cultivated – through the barriers of comfort zones. You’re not alone. That’s what I love about social networks. There are so many talents and personalities bringing ideas together.

So grab that speech-to-text app or AI buddy and just do. 🙂

p.s. My latest short story is in the final editing round for the anthology Mission: Hope. Exciting times!

Wintery greetings from Finland ☃️

Best Wishes,

Maria Lehtman

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