How do you overcome adversity?

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” – Emily Dickinson

This is one of my favorite quotes. It’s difficult to encapsulate the past years in a single phrase, but hope has certainly played a big part.

I am thinking of my colleagues today celebrating at the kickoff in Lisbon. It was nice to watch the presentations even remotely. While I wish I could have been there, I am also happy that I’m here. Continuing my journey. The journey of hope.

I didn’t know where to turn when I started facing major adversities. I had no outlet to express how I felt. I had my family and a few close friends I could speak to, but not in the way I needed. Simple observation without prejudice. So I ended up writing and publishing my first self-transformational story. Oddly, “speaking” to an unknown audience felt easier.

These past weeks I have been working on my third anthology contribution for Mission Hope with lovely and talented Char (Charlotte) Murphy, Esq. and my wonderful co-writers.

I never know where the book projects lead me. And the writing process never gets easier. However, now, if ever, people need to hear stories and experiences on overcoming fear, grief, anxiety, and many other emotions that we face in a hybrid and unpredictable world.

If you are interested in writing, I encourage you to start with it. Many tools are out there, and the latest AI apps should make it easier.

I publish less than 5% of the stories that I outline in my mind. Imagine if we had the tools to realize our full potential. If you are in a leadership position, write your experiences. Use a speech-to-text app, if nothing else.

When you get past the daily clutter of business, you will discover the true meaning of the buzzwords people throw around. Do we grow from leading people? Yes. But we thrive from learning to love, let go, and love again.

No MBA can truly teach how to lead people over adversity. 4/5 leaders take the wrong approach with employees recovering from personal challenges. It’s not difficult – it just requires shifting gears.

Most of all, it requires instilling hope. And you can only grow hope over something you care about. These are the stories I write about. The closest ones to my heart.

Mind over matter. Hope over adversity. Keeping it human.

Nature does that for me. It reminds me of the beauty we share. And how fragile it can be. The promise of being cared for – if we combine our strengths to achieve what really matters.

This is a winter view close to our place. 20 minutes or so to the seaside.

Take care my, Friends 🧡

#MissionHope is just around the corner!

Best Wishes,

Maria Lehtman

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