Are you on Mission Hope?

“We should never let go of our dreams because they will never give up on us.” ~ Maria Lehtman

I was reminded this week again how important hope is. I lost a friend who was deeply grounded in nature and loved mountains. Had I not battled through the long goodbye to my mother, I would have been more shaken. Now I knew he was safely at the summit. I feel sad, but I know he would want me to stay at peace.

Hope is not only for others; it’s for everyone. The ones who walk towards the great gates to the beyond and the ones staying here.

Hope has a way of connecting people like an invisible network. It needs no words to be passed on.

When you are a leader, your mission extends to gestures that kindle the light in people. How to keep them dreaming and innovating. How to fill them with hope no matter the circumstances.

I’ve had a long break in story writing. Three years, in fact. The time I needed to find solid ground for my own hope. I had setbacks and grief that took me on a journey I mostly walked alone. But as I tend to say, we walk alone but never without guidance.

I miss my friend. But he taught me about the meaning of hope against all odds. To be grateful. To respect people. To honor life.

My next story is being edited as we speak. It has a home in a book by my dear friend Char (Charlotte) Murphy, Esq. 😊 I look forward to sharing more about it.

Wherever you are in life, know that there is always someone who knows you and accepts you just as you are. We are not looking for people who do not feel – but people who can understand how important teams and ecosystems are.

The feelings make our missions real to us.

Stay safe, Friends 💙

I haven’t been near Matterhorn for a long while, but I’ve always loved the scene that I captured. I’ll meet you at the base camp!

Best Wishes,

Maria Lehtman