Copyright Raissa Urdiales, Painting: North Beach

Read my latest interview with a STEM specialist, artist and author, Raissa Urdiales from BIZCATALYST360

Here is a quick look to the fascinating insights Raissa Urdiales shared:

Digital transformation is touching every field of our expression with a persistent and welcome change if we find the right balance. What does it mean for our expression? During the past years, I enjoyed getting to know many fantastic women who have either embraced their creative, authentic path as entrepreneurs or are combining their worlds of day-to-day business and artistic creativity.

At the heart of such transition, I had the pleasure of interviewing a very expressive and creative Raissa Urdiales, Columnist at BIZCATALYST 360°, Author and Artist with the personal brand: Artfulbeing. Let’s learn more about what has fueled Raissa to embrace the creative way alongside her STEM career.

  1. Thank you for this opportunity to interview you, Raissa Urdiales. You have such an amazing career experience coupled with an array of artistic skills, including painting. Tell me a little more about your day job.

Raissa: By day, I work as a Systems Analyst supporting Human Resource Information Technologies. I stumbled into working in computer systems when my son was young, and Y2K was all the concern. It challenges my love for problem-solving and the strength of forever experimenting and managing projects. I have had what some would consider prestigious titles, reaching the famous six-figure salary, spending time believing I needed to climb a ladder to be successful. One very dark day, I learned balance was much more critical, and with it came a feeling of purpose and realized purpose is at the heart of success. During that darkness, I regrouped and reinvented who I am. Or, better said, with the absence of others telling me who I am, I could listen to my inner voice of who I was, am, and always have been.

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