Easter Wishes from the Nordic Nature

Best of Easter Wishes to You Wherever You Are

For many this is a challenging time. If anything it should make us humble. To remember how little luxuries humanity once had. How much help and support is available today and yet it only reaches some of us.

Nature has prevailed. Outside the windows it reminds us how transformation succeeds each year without a break. There are rules and patterns. Even the exceptions have a place.

People have often asked me how can we live up there in the North. It seems so cold. We are blessed. I can walk outside. And yes, it is cold. I wish I could sit on the beach rocks a while longer. I dress up like it was a winter day. But I’m out there. I can hear the birds singing and see the pristine lake in front of me. The national park’s beauty. And send you a small part of it.

The world has a way of setting itself right. To find a balance. Our actions are the disruption. Let’s ensure we are also the solution.

Take good care of yourselves!

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