“In time every shadow in your life can be undone.”

“In time every shadow in your life can be undone.” ~ Maria Lehtman

Time is only measured by human life – our cells, aging. Time lingers on when we have memories shadowing our past. The secret to memories is that every harmful one can be undone from the emotional locks associated with them. Sometimes it can take decades, sometimes only a fraction of a dream-like state – as if divine intervention stepped in and changed our state of mind and heart.

Never fear that even a harmful memory could not be healed. Confront your shadows when you are in a safe place – a small fraction at a time. With the help of others, arts, music, word and image association, nature, unity, the Universe, whatever you believe in. Believe more, and more, and keep asking until you know something is happening. There is a vast amount of energy in the Universe. Energy transforms. It does not disappear.

Stay safe!