“What could I tell you about a rose…”

2008 Copyright Maria Lehtman

– A rose, she says, what could I tell you about a rose…

She turned to me and continued:
– Imagine your heart on a day you first fell in love, all your senses heightened, the delight of a single look, the joy of a kind word spoken. Imagine you captured that essence and created something out of love. There, in your heart’s garden, you would see the most wondrous flower of all. Even if you had to remain cautious about how to approach it. There would be thorns, you see, so as with love, you would need to be gentle with a rose. It would only last if you cherished it and let it remain in the light.
– And at that moment, flowers appeared in my thoughts that emanated all the colors of love.
Copyright Maria Lehtman

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