“You are the distance you need to cross.”


“You are the distance you need to cross.” ~ Maria Lehtman

Do you ever feel like the true-you is like Aurora Borealis or the most beautiful sunset? A glimmering chakral light in the distance that looks so close, and yet, seems impossible to catch? Every now and then you capture an essence of it. It sparkles in your palm like a firefly before vanishing with the night’s echo. #DigitalHuman


(Picture from Finland, Helsinki Kaivopuisto. I miss living closer to it, but I don’t miss the chilly winter breeze…This is what the spring in Helsinki looks like, although this year with a lot less snow…if any. You can call it a climate glitch, or whatever you like, but the truth is, in my lifetime I have never seen a winter like this on the coast.) #NatureFirst