“Let the world outside shine through -“

Life Inspired by Nature


“Let the world outside shine through – even if it rains – the light awaits.” ~ Maria Lehtman

In my heart, I always know that the light wins no matter the odds. I am bereft and I know there is joy. I am tired and I know there is energy. I am restless and I know there is great peace. I am frustrated and I know there are answers to everything.

The Universe has patience. Much more than I do. It looks at me like the impatient child that I am saying: “If you only knew. You are blessed. Your every step is supported in light. You every breath has been given so that you may endure. You shall see.”

I can feel my spirit tugging my sleeve at every turn. Never letting go. Never exhausted. Always tirelessly feeding into my imagination – urging me forward like the comet she is. Looking at her I sometimes feel I am like the pebble in her shoe – slowly gathering the colors of the rainbow until I hover on my own.

One day, we are no longer separate – but one unified being unstoppable in our curiosity to find out the makings of every shadow. So that our relentlessness drives them out into the light, into the brightness they did not know they were missing.

One day.


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