Venture forth! in Companionship

Life Inspired by Nature


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Venture forth!

“You venture forth on a journey, yet unknown.
Embrace your new path with light,
Cast away any darkness and doubt.
Know that no matter what road you walk;
Whether it be well-trod or the road less traveled,
I will always be with you.”

~ James Casey

I have no idea how many times I’ve ventured into the deeper snow to capture lovely winter images. I’ve always had the boots for it, and when I started snowboarding, I realized the outfits worked well for photographing in cold weather. The picture is from the Italian side of the Alps, somewhere in the Cervinia-Pila area. The water in the river was so clear you could drink from it. My only disappointment was that light was fading in the valley. I could not carry a camera stand with me. So the absolutely stunning icy-blue colors of the water were not correctly portrayed. The scenes, however, are forever embedded in my memory.

The Solitude in Companionship

When couples face their long term journey together, all too often, they begin drifting apart at some point. Independence is essential – however, so is finding common ground that unites you. I could never hit the slopes as tenaciously as my husband, so I spent part of the time photographing his tricks and the stunning nature.

It all worked out very well – we have been able to share the journeys, see beautiful places together, each carrying out our hobbies and passions while on the road. After spending some hours on our own, we would meet at a restaurant or a lovely sunny terrace on the mountainside and exchange our experiences over hot-chocolate. And when I was up to it – I would grab my snowboard again and follow him down the beautiful Alpine whiteness.

What comes to the digital side of life – we never let that bother our journeys. Sure, we took a few selfies and mobile videos and pictures here and there but our social media life sat patiently at home waiting for the patrons to return. Just like I never liked sitting in conversation with colleagues behind the laptop screen, I never liked a lovely lunch or dinner over a mobile screen. In fact, when I think back to our journeys, the last thing I remember is the digital moments. Photographing with a digital camera is not like snapping away with a mobile. It requires more gear, the right setting, and photogenic weather – so it also had its own place and time. Being together in nature was our highlight – and still is.

The Me or Us Time

I knew that once or twice a year, it was time for the boys-on-the-road trips – and I was happy to stand them out. I knew my limits, and the possibility of being chased by an avalanche wasn’t one of them. Our window was always the one closer to springtime when the slopes were softer and villages already bathed in sunlight. Our trips were slower-paced, enjoying the scenery as much as the runs. I took the offs when they looked alright for the photographic purpose as well. I trusted my husband to steer me through if we hit a rougher spot. After all, snowboarding is about taking a manageable tumble here and there, goes with the territory.

When you are considering your relationship’s long term future – never stop trying to find ways to share your ventures – find compromises with love. Sharing while compromising is the most important lesson of love – it creates an everlasting friendship between couples. Both parties in a healthy relationship need me-time as well, without a guilt trip. I always considered how well you travel together portrays how good a match you can be in the long run. If you can find a balance in a micro-world with changing parameters like traveling abroad, it is possible to discover it in everyday living.

What comes to snowboarding my health is not quite up to the task anymore. Things change quickly after the warranties (as I call them) give out. It’s hard to predict where life takes you and how much you need to adapt as a couple. It is essential that you both adjust and accommodate each other’s wishes. I’m happy I took every window of opportunity to venture out with my snowboard and cam in tow. We may yet see the beautiful Alpine scenery – there are lifts after all. And you never know – perhaps a very powdery downhill…

“To live would be an awfully big adventure.” ~ Peter Pan