Every day I start my day and end my day thinking of one thing to be grateful for. Even if it’s just saying, thank you for not having any bad dreams tonight, or thanks for a peaceful night.

Restless nights. Pain. Insomnia. Dreams flying by like an ever-swirling kaleidoscope are more than familiar to me.

It may seem a little thing to be grateful for in the grand scheme of things but sleep is one of the most important recuperating forces for our minds and bodies. So it is one of the most obvious things to be grateful for.

The older I get the better I am at guiding my dream world. But there is a larger program out there in the Universe that works like a healing factory. It includes dreams that offload our cluttered feelings so even a nightmare can unlock more feelings than a single therapy session. However, it needs a consistent abundance mindset to steer the mind towards lighter topics in between.

I wish more therapists would use the dreamworld as an additional toolkit. After all, it is already customized to each one of us specifically.

Dream, and let dream.