Excerpt: Ready to be In-The-Know About Executive and Environmental Influencing?


“We need to be the best versions of who we are, in any media and group we are representing. Social media is not an exclusion of our core values – it is the grand inclusion of everything we visibly represent. We can make our world and values sustainable – one word, image, and action at a time.”

~ Maria Lehtman

Are you wondering how to make it as an entrepreneur and succeed in the digital age? Do you know how to navigate the social media ecosystems and deepen your field of influence with genuine engagements? What do you need to stand up for a holistic environmental methodology in creating business sustainability?

In my 2019 interview series, we focus on how digital transformation impacts the social and business life of international entrepreneurs. At the heart of a successful social media business, you always find a hard-working digital innovator.

For this article, I had the pleasure of interviewing a power-woman with a Nordic heritage and a global presence: Anne-Maria Yritys, MBA, an influencer, business owner for the Yritys Executive Services and a sustainable entrepreneur with a purpose of making this world a better place. She is also a featured contributor for the award-winning business, culture, and lifestyle multimedia digest BIZCATALYST 360°.

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