“Q u i e t. Join me in the silence”

Life Inspired by Nature


“Q u i e t. Join me in my quiet place. There is only nature here. No sides. No judgment. You can leave your luggage at the gate. You can drop your mind full of the world in the pristine lake. Sit by me. The cliff is still warm from the sun. The birds are silent now. Watching the setting sun with us. Leave your shadows. They will merge into the sighing earth. Disappear into the gentle fury of Mother Earth.” ~ Maria Lehtman 


Image: My quiet place. Nuuksio National Park (unless it is a sports weekend or a peak Saturday with busses full of tourists 🙂 – the little lakeside filled with disco music from Japan or India or any other crowded-country wanderer looking for a place to hide in our vast wooden resorts. After all, we have more trees than people around here.)