“Our core values should help us stand out in the world – “

Life Inspired by Nature

quotes_ourvalues_panorama-srs “Our core values should help us stand out in the world – and yet, integrate us with the beauty it has to offer.” Maria Lehtman

In a world full of uncertainty there is still a hope that comes from everyday connections. People who continue to inspire us and be inspired. Despite the numerous Marvel movies, characters I have sometimes never even heard of, I still love the cinematic stories.

What makes the world worthwhile living is our imagination that looks at the world and is capable of creating and envisioning much more than it is today. If in every relationship we look for the potential of the individual, rather than what we see now, and work with the future – we may end up in our vision much sooner.

Our visions and values help us forgo the setbacks, the tough days, and the restless nights when the pressure is on when disappointments are unwelcome visitors. We should follow our inner compass. The one that tugs us forward and tells us, there is a better future around the corner – but we need to walk to the end of this street first.

Looking forward to the warming spring days!

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