“You choose the weather in social media – Let the Sun shine”

2008 Copyright Maria Lehtman

“You choose the weather in social media – Let the Sun shine” ~ Maria Lehtman

Social media is a place where we can be genuine about who we are – in many aspects of our personality. We can empower people, encourage right behaviors – share inspiration, advice, success stories, challenges…

Ultimately it all comes back to us. What we send out there can be returned a hundredfold in good relations, valuable networks, and solid information. Who would wish for a rainy picnic day if they can make the Sun shine?

It does not mean we need to suppress opinions, but respect goes a long way. Writing is only one way of expressing feelings and a very limited one in carrying our tone of voice. Coupled with images we already expand on our impression.

When social media meets negativity, it should do so holding its head high, retaining its values, climbing the mountains and coming back with a backpack full of experience. We can be opinionated without arguing, and sharing our views of the world without being dominating.

We all decide what the weather in social media is like. So far, social networking on a global basis has been a positive one for me – creating close and remote friendships all around the world. Security raises the main concern for me, and I hope social media channels remain respectful to business people trying to secure their groups. I also hope providers remember why social media became social in the first place – not because of the plentiful advertising, but because every business relies on genuine and trustworthy networking, securing the integrity of their followers.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” ~David Alston

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