How to bring out the best in people

“If you want to bring out the best in people and feel like you’re getting nowhere. Stop teaching. Ask them to show you. You might learn how to coach them.” ~ Maria Lehtman

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In today’s world, people are too busy to think about the world on the other side of the screen. We are far from being on the same level of digital confidence. We have demographic differences, varying digital generations, changing circumstances, cultural diversity etc. The varying skills levels are perfectly alright as long as people are willing to learn. A recent experience showed me once again how important it is to step into another person’s shoes.

One day a peer of mine had been calling several people to understand how to use a social media tool. I called the first person in who had been in the dialogue and received a frustrated “We’re just running around in circles, I already did that.” -response.

I simply said, “You presented, you did not do coaching. You never knew what the other person’s screen looked like. You were looking at a different view altogether.” A quick response came back saying: “Right, I should have been more patient.”

The key phrase I always repeat, especially to the extremely digitally adept and native generations, is ‘Be patient’. We are working across very different skillsets but we can all learn from each other. It does not make us the best teachers if we reach the finish line first. It just makes us quick distributors.

Take your audience into account – the digital world is quick but only as quick as its users. Being the best is not the same as being the most effective, or being the trusted leader who takes others with them to the common goal and success.

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