#Persistence – A Shout Out To The Universe

2008 Copyright Maria Lehtman

“When you face an impossible obstacle, shout out to the universe:

“I’ll always be 5% more persistent than you! Send me your best!!”

And don’t stop before you get it.” ~ Maria Lehtman


#BeHuman #OneWithTheUniverse #42 #AboutLifeTheUniverseAndEverything #Persistence



One thought on “#Persistence – A Shout Out To The Universe

  1. Elinor Richmond says:

    Great stuff! Here’s our blog: http://safari.casa
    Thank you, Elinor, so happy to hear your positive feedback. I used to dream about safaris! And visiting South Africa especially. I hope one day I’ll get the chance.
    I actually ended up taking the main text away for a little while as someone did not quite get the context. We cannot be everything to everyone – but I took the critique somewhat hard because it was not about how I wrote, but how I had experienced my own journey. There is a uniqueness to our journey in life, and it should be always be respected. So thank you again! Gives me hope to post about these topics.


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