“This is where I stand. A world in a vortex. Connected to the essence of the Earth..”

Life Inspired by Nature

Do you know that feeling – standing on the shoreline, each wave crashing to the beach and eroding sand under your feet. The wind howling in your ears. This one moment in time when you find it hard to stand still, yet, you feel perfectly at peace.

We recently started looking at drone photography options. The erosion in technology prices has most likely never been higher than it is today. A device bought 7 months ago is now worth 30% of the initial value. A rock erodes in thousands of years. We have managed to create items that have no value from yesterday to tomorrow. Nature recycles itself, absorbing every form it creates for feeding, living and transforming into another form.

How do we replicate that with the speed we are producing and consuming? We don’t. We can only consume less to keep up with the forces we created. Success has a cost. Are you willing to take it? Do you know where it leads? Is your soul content with your legacy when the time to depart comes near?

“This is where I stand. A world in a vortex. Connected to the essence of the Earth. You seek success. Find your soul.” ~ Lehtman Maria

©2018 LehtmanMaria @digital_teacup

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