“Never Stop Dreaming.”

“Never Stop Dreaming”


#coloringbook 🌸 #weekendmotivation🌸 ©2018 LehtmanMaria @digital_teacup https://ift.tt/2FLbaBZ #dream #sunlight #waterfall #lifelessons #quote #summer #life #digitalart #fish #japanese #colouring #inspiration #art #mobile #animation #nokia8 #digitalteacup #travel #digital #healing #landscape #photography #mindfulness #video #bizcatalyst360 #DigitalHuman

3 thoughts on ““Never Stop Dreaming.”

  1. Wild Star Landing says:

    Hi Maria – I finally got back to my original blog Wild Star Landing – I miss my writing here. Since I got my new branded website for my ‘work work’ I had to concentrate all my efforts there – but I always have to have a commercial focus there and I was not on the dot com platform of WordPress so actually I missed all the regular likes and comments from the logged in community that are here. Tonight I made it back. I published a post that I actually wrote before my Algarve Trip – I had forgotten to publish it – imagine!

    It has been wonderful collaborating with you on the Dreaming Doors book. I hope to get more involved in promoting it amongst my own network in the coming days and weeks. Your digital work on Instagram is very imaginative and inspiring and needs to be appreciated by many more. I don’t know how you get the time to even do it all – but then again as I am a writer myself I know that we make the time because we love it.

    Wishing you lots of love and light dear lady!

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