Growth. Onwards with a true heart.



Nuuksio National Park. Finland.

“We cannot stop growth, and why should we. Each life form has its own pace. We all share a heartbeat. Each moment should bring us a choice to be better, to be more. As long as our hearts remain true.” ~ Maria Lehtman

Spring – trees filled with jewels, most precious emeralds bringing balance to our nature. I am a spring child. I wake up in May – only to find that sometimes, the spring had gone before I was truly awake. Every year is different. If I do not catch a young sapling with my camera, I feel that I missed an entire year.

The winters in the north are ruthless, cold, watery, icy, windy and it often feels that the darkness never ends. Lapland has to endure the mid-winter without sun for several weeks. However, they do have the beautiful, white snow that comes and goes near the Baltic Seaside. A few years ago the weather news recounted that sunshine appeared for 11 hours during the entire month of November.

When the solstice finally turns, and clocks set towards summer – the days get longer. Each passing month feels like a small win – another winter endured. If one survives without a significant impact on a mindset, it is a major win.

No one experiences the darkness without impact. We need light to survive, and the bright lights only take you so far.

Interestingly I have noticed that people born in different seasons also endure the impact of weather and time of year differently. The winter children, as I’ve come to call people born between November and February, are often happy with the coming winter season. They love the outdoors no matter the weather and nothing gives them more joy than seeing snow.

Spring-children wake up when the snow is starting to melt, and sunshine appears. The awakening flora and fauna brings out the gardeners and hobbyist photographers, brighter outdoor clothing. People start taking long walks outside.

Despite the love of springtime, I have come to find beauty in all seasons. I realize that spring takes its toll on nature. After such long winter hibernation, it takes a massive burst of energy to renew the full growth. I watch in awe how the sunlight glitters on the leaves of thousands of birch trees.

If nature can do that every spring, so should I. Even if only on a small scale. I always find new places for photographing and new projects to launch. If I can smile seeing the first anemone, I know everything is alright in my world.

“I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.”
~  Marianne Williamson

Stay curious, and may you find new growth to take your photography and ideas to the next level, whatever that may be.

Ref. Weekly Photo-Challenge by Daily Post: Growth


4 thoughts on “Growth. Onwards with a true heart.

  1. George Lutrick says:

    Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

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  2. Robert says:

    I am exploring the National Parks here in the United States. Nature truly allows us a time to look inward and discover the hidden real parts of what makes us alive. The cold Winter and warm Spring birth that new thing in us all.

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