Weekly Photo Challenge. Wanderlust. My Africa.

My Africa. So Near So Far..


“Our passion for exploring new worlds is born from a longing to find a home. Whether we already have it – or are still looking for it. We all need somewhere to return. Otherwise, we cannot call it a journey.” – Maria Lehtman

Wanderlust is something that many of us have – and it is tough to extinguish. In fact, it may be impossible.

I spent most of my life traveling for business and sheer fun – even if the flights in the economy class can hardly be called that. Finding new destinations to photograph is what gives me the thrill.

From the thousands of pictures in my vault, I wanted to share this one. The image of a Barbary Macaque in Gibraltar gazing over the Mediterranean Sea to Africa requires no explanation.

We love to wander – yet we also long to be home. Perhaps we are truly not present in other than between worlds.

The common mistake we make is that we believe every being can be tamed. Tailless apes are cute. I made no mistake to think they considered that also. I watched tourists rush towards them in crowds wanting to pet them, wondering if they knew how well those nails and teeth could bite down. I could see the apes getting irritated when they were surrounded.

Gibraltar has signs asking people not to bring up snacks, edible items or plastic bags. I watched the intelligent, little apes snatch away bags of goodies from the unheeding mothers with baby strollers and absent-weekly_photochallenge_wanderlust_4051526_sresminded travelers.

I have no idea what happens to a little Barbary Macaque fellow after eating a bag of licorice candy. I assume something similar to what I experienced after local eating in Egypt…

In our eagerness to explore it is easy to forget that despite the well-worn paths we still live in a wild world. It is eye-opening to travel and learn – but only if we truly see and understand what is right in front of us.

“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.”
― William Wordsworth

Wishing you all safe travels! Near or far.

Ref. Weekly Photo Challenge of  The Daily Post: Wanderlust

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