Weekly Photo Challenge. Surprise.

Arum Lily of Ice.


“We create fine-art, yet, none of us master creation like Mother Nature. Her inspiration is undying and unphased by centuries. We only mime her original masterpieces. ”  – Maria Lehtman

If I ever try to plan ahead for a session to take photographs in nature, it is a sure sign that rain or hail comes to intervene the plan. Or, at least, a very cloudy sky.

Every now and then, I end up in the right place at the right time. A brief window of opportunity opens up to capture a magical moment. Images of ice flowers and sculptures are amongst those rare moments.

The lovely, delicate works of ice art only appear at the river banks when the weather freezes up very fast. Usually, the snow will cover the river side in a matter of hours or a few days – or the temperature rises and melts them away. Water never stays in the same form for very long either way.

It is such a pleasant surprise to find different shapes as if Mother Nature herself walked past a minute ago.

With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.”   – William Wordsworth

Ref. Weekly Photo Challenge of  The Daily Post: Surprise

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge. Surprise.

    • Naturepic Production says:

      Thank you, Abrie! You also resolved my dilemma :), I was trying to locate the lily’s name in English. Arum Lily was exactly what I thought of, thank you for that! I love your Maze Runner-post. I’ve watched the movies as well. 🙂 We never quite got to South Africa though my husband’s a keen kite surfer – would love to see the Cape some day.


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