Mother Nature. Your Soul Guide

💚"Walk with me, whispers Mother Nature in my heart. She shows me the smaragd blue lakes and seas, the emerald green woods and the flowers brilliant as a million colorful gems. Her wealth cannot be measured. I let her guide my soul."💚 ~ Maria LehtmanEvery time I walk into the greenery of the old forests … Continue reading Mother Nature. Your Soul Guide

BOOKS: CRAPPY TO HAPPY – read more about it

Crappy to Happy: True Stories of Grit, Grace and Love – A wonderful anthology by talented writers and artists around the world. Maria Lehtman is a proud collaborating author in the work of Rev. Ariel Patricia & Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos. Foreword by James Redfield.


Copyright Raissa Urdiales, Painting: North Beach Read my latest interview with a STEM specialist, artist and author, Raissa Urdiales from BIZCATALYST360 Here is a quick look to the fascinating insights Raissa Urdiales shared: Digital transformation is touching every field of our expression with a persistent and welcome change if we find the right balance. What … Continue reading HOW DOES A STEM CAREERIST LEAD AN ARTISTIC LIFE? (Excerpt)