How Often Does Your Spring Come?

Eternal spring is not an easy concept to create. In order to succeed, we need constant renewal. Yet, recreating ourselves requires energy. What happens when we run out?

Poem: When the world is quiet

Image: Maria Lehtman, National Park, Finland 💙 When the world is quiet The most beautiful sounds emerge. A soft breeze at the tree tops. Small ripples of the water when the little fish start feeding. Water meters gliding on the surface. A seagull alerting his presence. Your heartbeat. Attuned to the setting Sun. 💙 ~ … Continue reading Poem: When the world is quiet

BOOKS: CRAPPY TO HAPPY – read more about it

Crappy to Happy: True Stories of Grit, Grace and Love – A wonderful anthology by talented writers and artists around the world. Maria Lehtman is a proud collaborating author in the work of Rev. Ariel Patricia & Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos. Foreword by James Redfield.

Poem: The great light

Maria Lehtman| Finland 💚 The greatness of light. A world rich in color. Filled with life. Here in the green and blue corner. I have a place. In a silence filled with songs. Long forgotten. 💚 ~ Maria Lehtman